Sunday, November 4, 2007

Kindness of Strangers

Deal me out! I’m talking to Ms…
Like an orchard in Spring. You can

Remember it by that.

I can’t stand a naked light bulb.

Hawthorne and Poe…

To the drugstore for a soda.


I said unhand me sir.
I have a many old world ideals.

Not sold,

We’ve made an enchantment.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Gerard Danced for Me.

He laughed behind

the snake dancing slyly

to pop music...where did

all the smokes go Mr?

No where to run to.

HE is mechanical
three lenses turning. Appeture. Telephoto. And DANCE!

Cola drinks
help you concentrate,
fall into

the crevise between the handle and the film.

Not so silent anymore,

I'll dance with you.

Friday, June 22, 2007

White Dress

A pepper flake of
immense attraction
glues itself soflty
to the bottom corner
of her left cheek.

protrudes itself bellow her eyes--
Underneath thick
black eyelashes.

As gates that only
unlock, unbat
when she is willing to
accept devotion.

She hates to be
compromised by
As it would
inflate, disarm,

basterdize her Venus
her glossy orb.

To where--

she was no longer
Poster Child
Captain America
's wet dream,

In stockings,
In trances,

Skirt high over her head--

To beg.


with a green scrunchie
holding together
thick brown hair.

Homework amidst her lap
she laughs.

Her feet dirty,
scribbling away

she chats.

Presses buttons on her phone
as she
leans forward
leans sideways

Poised now
and quiet.

She laughs again.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Beauty #2

Little Miss
Nonchalant mistress of
redundant pleasures. Banter on...

Blonde is your best Side
bleach and your vodka fingernails.

Ask the dog named horse
how it felt
to have your gentle hand stroke
his pointy ears.

Little miss dillitante.
Like a blue bell gamine
Virginal fair-skinned legs,
Like stems of rare magenta lilies.

Lets stay in bed all day again,
get drunk,
I will watch as he tries
to cheat your grace, and runs
his clumsy arms along
your slender back.

I wish you would have persisted
but that's not
in your character now is it?

Tell me which way and
How does the bed rotate?

Glitter yourself up for another go.

We'll find a good doctor,
call it a night.

It will be a semi-sober, semi-sweet
anecdote to tell your friends when
You wake up,
the next morning.

But tell me,

If he's Beauty #1...

What are you?

Ruling Class Polka

We don't condemn anybody,
that goes back the family.

Above all, I would teach...


A dictatorship is

a heckofaloteasier.

You can't put freedom and democracy


A tree's a tree How
many more will you need to look at? Above All!

Deep versed in books, yet--
shallowed in himself...

We will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Industrial Cologne

How now, dear Phaedrus?
My strict, nonconformist
religious upbringing

His German coal and French steel
Had the Pythons under his wing.

O'Brien seemed a cozy
single 'pan-European' industry
Do I seem a potentially
Lucrative arrangement ??

A vos Perdonad
Taught me
to be inspired
wicked to beg that it was,
El na empresia!

Under his wing,
To beg...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Burning underneath
dry skin
Please paint
blue lines better
my back.
Lock down
down for
Christ's sake.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mr. McCluer, I Apologize for Syntax

Roaring contests with lions
Roaring lions with children

Children playing with roaring lions
Children roaring at roaring lions

Lions at the zoo reclining
Are reclining and are lions
Who are at the zoo
Perusing and reclining all are lions.

Scheduling appointments with children's mothers
Mothers schedule children with roaring lions reclining.

Schedules of appointments with children and their scheduled lions
Are all mothers reclining, roaring at their children
Roaring at their lions.

In contest with scheduling mothers
Children schedule contested lions to contest scheduled mothers.


Whosever lions scheduled appointments
With whosever children for roaring contests
Are predicting predicte schedules for their mothers.

Ester Williams in Technicolor

Meshes of my lonely morning
Glittering shadows, black
And white
Glitz and glamour flames
Smoking reddish
Fumes of yester-year.
Oh me, how things
Have changed, oh life!
The decadent cesspool
And rising out of it,
Ester Williams,
Too close to keep from
Drowning in it.